Amateur Traveler podcast – ‘Travel to Curacao’


Are you interested in Travel to Curacao? Do you know where Curacao is located? Want to know what makes Curacao an interesting and fun vacation spot? Would you like to learn about things to do in Curacao? Just listen and a full week’s itinerary will unfold.

Wendy discusses itineraries and the best things to do in Curacao.

Here’s Amateur Traveler’s podcast (clickable link) where Wendy talks about Travel to Curacao and all the fun things to do in Curacao. Whether you prefer the ocean or the mountains, you find them both on Curacao. Whether you prefer beach activities or historic land-based touring, you’ll find it all on Curacao.

You’ll also find a variety of posts about Curacao at

6 thoughts on “Amateur Traveler podcast – ‘Travel to Curacao’

  1. Great interview. You are an expert in Curacao now. If Bill were younger, he would go in a heartbeat for the scuba, me for all the sights and other activities you mentioned and the food. How did you get to be interviewed?

    • If Bill is interested in diving, I can send you our flickr link so he can see the underwater photos. Let me know if you want me to send it.

      I had met Chris, the Amateur Traveler, at TBEX, and I was included in a request he sent out for people who feel they are experts on different places to travel. I gave him several to choose from,and he chose Curacao. We have spent 30 weeks there over the past 12 years. Sometimes 5 or 6 weeks at a time. You should consider going if it interests you. Bill doesn’t have to dive. He could snorkel; you could too in a vest (since you don’t swim). The water is quite calm.

    • Cindy, I am so glad you loved the podcast. It’s amazing that there are so many great things to do on Curacao. Even more amazing is that we have spent 30 weeks there and still have not done all the things we have wanted to do. I hope you get to go back!

  2. Curacao has been on our radar for some time, but we just haven’t seemed to get it onto our calendar. Your list of activities certainly begs for a closer look at this destination. Thanks for sharing your interview with us.

    • Jeff & Crystal, Before we went it was a place that was a ‘maybe’ for us, and after our first 2 weeks there, it became the place to go for an easy vacation with plenty of options on things to do, and reliable weather.

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