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Ecuador in the Cajas - Adventurous Retirement about Adventures in Style for LessHow Adventurous Retirement started

Adventurous Retirement about Adventures in Style for Less provides info from our world travels, sharing  – about clean, comfortable places to stay, outdoor adventures, good food, cultural sites, and worthwhile physical activities.

Our endeavor – Adventurous Retirement, about Adventures in Style for Less, is to share our adventures with others and introduce people to new and fun venues, both free and for reasonable fees.

About Us

As some of you know, Tom retired at the end of January 2015.  I (Wendy), on the other hand, am still working and pretending to be retired some of the time. After running a business for over 25 years and working for almost 40 years, I am ready to work a bit less too. So, we’ve decided to travel some, from here forward until we can’t anymore.

Tom worked as a professional in the pharmaceutical industry for the majority of his career. Tom is a Chemical Engineer, with technical interests in computers and all things mechanical.  He loves the outdoors and is a cyclist, as well as our grounds keeper.

I am a professional working with corporations on organizational and leadership change and transformation, and turned 60 in 2015. I expect to continue working while we travel. I have cut back from my crazy 60-80 hour work weeks and, while we travel, I will work virtually.  I plan to do less project work while I manage the business.  Once back at home, I work a less intense 40 hour work week.

We live in an area rife with adventures whether you are retired or not, and for all activity levels. It’s on the water, in the country, halfway between Philadelphia and New York where the US impressionist painters started.  The area is so beautiful that I call it ‘eye candy.’

Our Accommodation Preferences – Adventurous Retirement about Adventures in Style for Less

We like to travel in comfort, and prefer clean and attractive surroundings with a somewhat rustic environment.  We are not ‘Ritz Carlton’ travelers, and never will be, as those surroundings are too formal for us. Our preferences are for comfortable, out-of the-way, interesting, casual places to stay at reasonable rates.  If you prefer the same, our accommodation picks may be just what you are looking for.  If you enjoy high end accommodations, you may still like our sea, land, food and cultural adventures.  So stay tuned and travel with us and our followers through this blog.

We look forward to sharing our adventures and insights with you, so you can use what we learn(ed) to inspire your travels!

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  1. Hello Wendy!
    This is Paula, my boyfriend and I met you during the Tongariro trekking. We are the brazilian couple that was going to give you some tips on trekkings in Patagonia. We ended up not seeing each other on the end of the track, so didn’t manage to give you the names of the nice places to go to. Gladly, I found you through your website, which is great by the way! Congrats! If you are still interested in those tips, don’t hesitate to contact me. It was great to meet you both! Best wishes!

  2. Hello Wendy (same name as my oldest daughter). I Janet 63 since 3 years traveling (sold everything in Holland) was mostly triggered by what you said about simple accommodations, low or free-cost excursions, off the beaten track, avoiding the tourist traps. I am particularly interested in other cultures and living environments. Just worked for 6 months in a kibbutz Israel and my next trip 6 months Canada (March). I will definitely follow you!

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