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Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club - Ocean View Overlook walk, in Westpunt CuracaoTom and I have stayed at 2 places in Westpunt Curacao and looked at several others Accommodations in Westpunt.  For several years, we chose to stay at what was called the 5 star resort – Kura Hulanda Beach Resort as our preferred Westpunt Curacao Accommodations – and it was 5 star in 2008.  Today, … it needs a bit of work; they are trying, and I would still recommend it.  They have a lovely sister resort in Willemstad, and you can use the facilities when in Willemstad if staying at their hotel in Westpunt – and vice versa.  If you stay in Westpunt, you really need a rental car.  Ask me about renting a car in Curacao.  

There are 3 areas at Kura Hulanda Beach Resort – Westpunt Curacao Accommodations Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club in Westpunt Curacao1) Ocean View, which is along the path shown in this picture facing the ocean and west; 2) the Garden (which we prefer in the 1 BR suite due to the shade, indoor/outdoor living and the animals); 3) the new pool section.

In 2015, we chose an apartment for our 5 week stay.  We stayed across the street at Nos Kruseros Apartments as our Westpunt Curacao Accommodations.   It was more reasonably priced for the 5 weeks than any of other options in Westpunt. We had an ocean view in front (above the waterfront houses), and used our rear walkway as a deck in the shade in the afternoon facing the mountains, the goats and on the parrot flight path.  

Nos Krusero Apartments in Westpunt CuracaoWe loved our location, directly across the street from the beach and dive shop entrance, yet away from the crowd.  Since Tom dislikes the beach, I could go over to swim my mile or sit for a time on the beach, and still spend much of the day with Tom, making our 2015 Westpunt Curacao Accommodations ideal.  

We ate all of our meals outside – lovely.  Since we had a full kitchen, and often my meals are better than eating out, we had excellent leisurely meals with amazing views.  It was so nice to have our fridge and cold drinks at our finger tips while feeling like we were on the beach.  As well we were close to so many outdoor adventures (see my post – Diversity of Westpunt).  

The other Westpunt Curacao Accommodations include: 

Marazul – Small condos and townhouse community which nice and is a bit higher than Marazul Dive Resort in Westpunt CuracaoNos Kruseros, and has a different vibe.  I would stay there if they would be a little less money for a longer stay.

  • All West Apartments – We have never stayed here, as it is small and has always been fully booked.  We were considering it last year, and they referred us to Nos Kruseros since they were full.  Everyone I have ever spoklen to who was staying there really likes it.  It is adjacent to Marazul, and on par price-wise with Nos Kruseros.  All apartments face the ocean, and beach at Playa Grande where the fisherman anchor. They have a  pool, and a place to store dive gear.

Other accommodations that we cannot necessarily recommend:

  • West Hill Bungalows – They are across the street from Playa Forti Beach, and seem to be in a private wooded area overlooked the sea. They seem very reasonably priced.  You are on your own on this one, as I did not have a good experience investigating these and dealing with the owner.
  • Rancho El Sobrino – These are next door to Marazul.  The accommodations seem lower than our standards so I never investigated them.
  • Blue View Apartments – There are 8 apartments overlooking Playa Forti.  Again these accommodations seem lower than our standards so I never investigated them.

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