Why Visit Curacao?

Curacao sign at nightIf you love the beach and want a crystal clear ocean, as well as culture, historic museums (with history to the late 1400s), night life, mountains, quaint city life, beach diversity, and …
coral reefs, I don’t know if there’s a better island. That’s why you should – Visit Curacao. And there’s more.

Willemstad at nightWhile we’ve been to many Caribbean islands and traveled extensively, Curacao is by far our favorite, due to its diversity.   We’ve vacationed on Curacao 5 times now, for 2-5 weeks each time, and still have so much more to explore.
You can stay in Willemstad, the main town with all its restaurants, night life, casinos, and resorts, and still be close to the airport.

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Go West

Or you can go west and find lots of resort diversity with different types of beaches and accommodations. There is great diving in Westpunt and west of Willemstad.  and be as close as 10 minutes or go 45 minutes from Willemstad where you have quiet beauty.

Old town Willemstad from floating bridge

Go East

You can go east to areas like Mambo Beach and Sea Aquarium where there are many resorts, large beaches, activities day and night.  If you go as far as Santa Barbara, you will be on the far eastern part of the island with a lovely high-end resort, yet far from the rest of the island.

Let me know if you want specific tips.  Happy traveling!

If you have been to Curacao, please tell us why you would recommend it.

12 thoughts on “Why Visit Curacao?

    • And don’t miss the northwest part of the island which is so different from the town of Willemstadt. Every beach is different. If you dive, the northern more reef is the most pristine – Watamula. You can also do a land hike to Watamula, but go once on that remote hike after the guards arrive at the end of the paved roads.

  1. We had the fortunate experience to have a two-month housesit on Curacao in 2014 and totally fell in love with the island and its people. While there, I was an “honorary” member of a local Dutch hiking group and spent many mornings hiking the west side of the island with its wilder coastline and very rugged trails. A totally awesome place to visit and, I agree with you, stay for a good long while!

  2. Your first paragraph says it all-beautiful beaches, culture and history-the things I love most about a destination. Have never had the pleasure to visit Curacao, but must look into it seriously now. Thanks.

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