Bucket-list 10-day Alaska Self-Guided Kenai-Peninsula Itinerary


My Trip to Alaska


Alaska is a spectacular destination! From the exquisite mountains and vistas to the snow-covered glaciers, diverse wildlife, the outstanding hikes, to the fabulous fishing, Alaska is like no other place on earth. Alaska is truly a bucket-list trip! After spending an incredible 10 weeks in Alaska on our 6-month road trip, I am providing a series of 3-to-10-day itineraries for those who want to visit Alaska on their own. We found that we were able to see more than those on cruises or in tour groups on our bucket-list 10-day self-guided Alaska Kenai-Peninsula itinerary.

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Best Alaska Fishing Trips

Where do you think the best fishing destination is in the world?  Alaska is touted as one of the best fishing destinations in the world. We had one of the best Alaska fishing trips from Homer (Motto: Where the land ends and the sea begins).


Alaskans fill their freezers with fish, and tourists mail their catch home, and if RVing, some people bring a second freezer to fill while in Alaska.  We filled our RV freezer with halibut in June and salmon in August.

What if you are not an experienced fisherman?  You don’t have to be!  When going on an Alaska fishing trip, the good captains teach you everything you need to know.  That’s especially true of Captain Daniel of HomerFishing.com. Daniel was voted the “Best Fishing Guide” by Alaska Magazine in 2018.  When booking with Daniel’s Personalized Guide Service, we had no idea that he was considered tops among Alaskan fishing guides.  On a later wildlife boat trip, I was talking with a Captain who asked, ‘Who did you go halibut fishing with?’  When he heard it was Daniel, he said ‘You got the best!’

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