A Day in Curaçao

Sunset from Westpunt CuracaoAnother day; more sunshine.  The photo shows how it ends.   It’s so pleasant and relaxing.  It is gorgeous here!!  The sun is out every day, and …

the clouds are gorgeous, providing a needed break from the sun.  The people are all very friendly – natives, transplants and tourists.  We always feel welcome.


In February, the weather is perfect!  In March, it often rains at night or in the early morning, and the March winds get stronger.  This is the norm in winter.  Winter weather is great no matter what month you visit.  Mornings are cool – high 70s with breezes.  Afternoons – high 80s with a breeze.  Evenings are high 70s & breezy.  The skies have been clear at night and the stars are beautiful.

If you are curious, ask us about weather the rest of the year.  We have been here in November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.  Our current stay is February and March.  Use the Comment function to ask.


We are staying in Westpunt in the Northwest part of the island.  The most northwest points, called Banda Abou, unlike Willemstad and towns immediately south of there, are very quiet and relaxing.  We prefer the quiet natural beauty of Westpunt.  Its beautiful beaches with reef access are wonderful for sea-related activities – snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, beaching, kayaking – as well as hiking, climbing, biking, reading, birding.  We also enjoy hanging out with nature lovers, and chatting with locals and tourists from many areas, especially Holland, Germany and Canada.

Our apartment at Nos Krusero is on the 3rd floor overlooking the sea over the rooftops of 1-story private homes.  From our front deck you can see for miles looking out to the sea.  Today there were some local fisherman out, but no cruise ships on the horizon.  Yesterday there were 3 cruise ships way out on the horizon.  Our rear deck is shady in the afternoon, with mountain views, where the wild parrots pass in the PM while flocking back from their day’s outing.  We eat all our meals outside, which I love; I find that we are eating less in the heat – which is good for me.

Check out other posts or ask us for more information on Adventures, Accommodation, Food, Culture, etc. by using the Comment function.

Sea Activities

While our friends come and like to lie out on the beach, we prefer to view the sea from our shaded balcony, and cross the street when we want to engage in a sea activity.  Our sea activities tend to be more extreme than many of our friends prefer, yet we are happy to snorkel and beach with them some of the time.

20150310_141134_resized Tom and I are Certified Advanced Divers,  so we dive 50-110 feet. I tend to use Nitrox – oxygen enriched air (another advanced certification), as it seems to support my energy level after diving, so I am not tired like lots of divers are after spending 4-6 hours on a boat and diving for 2+ hours of that time.  What I can’t do is carry a tank – full or empty.  Luckily, when you establish connections with a dive shop and spend money with them, often, they are willing to carry your tank if you ask nicely, are friendly and tip well.

In the northwest, where there is the majority of better dive sites, the dive operation we have used is GO WEST Diving.  While they are not the cheapest nor the most expensive dive shop on the island, they are very helpful, accommodating and concerned for diver (customer) safety.  Compared to the other operations, the prices are very fair.

The first day, I swam and snorkeled, on day 2 we dove, and on day 3 we tried a snorkel spot close by that was new to us – Playa Grandi – Fisherman’s Beach.  We are looking for greats spots for you.  What we heard – you can see turtles and sea horses there from the surface – is true.  We found the sea horses and took our friend to see them.  Fun!  Just ask and we’ll tell you where you can find them.

Tips – In Curaçao, never leave anything visible when you leave your car since petty theft is common.

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