Fantastic Adventure Travel – 2018 Travel Photo Review

Inspire your travel lust by viewing our adventure travel from 2018. View 42 places in a few minutes. Get motivated to see the world, or just visit vicariously. Click ‘Read more’ to access video.

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See our 2018 adventure travel in our photos of the following places: #AmericanSouthwest, Niagara Falls, #Curacao, Corning, Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta,Georgia, Stone Mountain, Arizona, #GrandCanyon, #Flagstaff, Navajo Reservation, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Zuni, Four Corners, Petrified Forest, Phoenix, Tucson, Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, San Antonio, White Sands, #NewMexico, Las Cruces, Truth or Consequences, #SantaFe, Abiquiu, Saguaro National Park, Tombstone, Bisbee, Taos, Canyon Lake, Taliesin West, Desert Botanical Gardens, Valley of Fire, Prescott, Sedona, Lake Powell, Chaco Canyon, Bisti Badlands, Humpback Rocks Virginia

49 thoughts on “Fantastic Adventure Travel – 2018 Travel Photo Review

  1. Wow, that is quite a schedule to visit 42 places in just one year, that is exhausting but so exciting to pack in an amazing schedule to such impressive places in your travel year!

  2. Wow, your schedule rivals our road trips last year in Canada and USA! I love all the Arizona and New Mexico pictures – saguaros and red rocks – my favourite landscape! May your 2019 be equally full of adventures!

    • I agree the landscapes in Arizona and New Mexico are awesome. Perhaps I think that because we are surround bu trees here. And yes, our 2019 schedule will be just as busy. Perhaps similar to your Canada and USA from this year. Stay tuned.

  3. What a great variety of adventures you had in 2018. Cities and nature visits around the U.S. looked great. I particularly loved your travels through Arizona. But it did bring back good memories of diving in Curacao.

    • Yes, the Southwest – both Arizona and New Mexico were a treat for the visual senses. And while I prefer the beauty of the outdoors, it’s always fun to visit a city in between. And we are off to Curacao again very soon. Love it there – it’s city, beach, diving, history, and safe.

    • Such a good question Janine, and so hard to answer. We loved so much of the trip. So many gorgeous and interesting places. We loved spending 3 nights on the Zuni reservation, learning about their ancient history, meeting tribe members, observing their customs – like ceremonial tribal dances, their art too. The beauty of the southwest struck me. Niagara Falls is one exquisite feat of nature; loved it too! The Grand Canyon was awesome – both the Western GC and the South Rim. I was amazed at how much we loved Flagstaff and its surrounds. And on it goes.

    • Oh yes, planning trips is like a full time job! It’s my retirement job. SO if you follow us, you get the advantage of my research. And I am always happy to answer questions that help people plan their own trips.

  4. Awesome video guys. How many miles did you put on the click in 2018? And did you do all those destinations in your RV? We spent the entire 2018 in our Toyota Sunrader, and absolutely LOVED it!

    • Akid, I just added them up. As of now, it is an even 100 for 2019. Last year wasn’t crazy at all because I did such a great job planning. I hope that will be true for 2019, because 100 really sounds like a lot! Subscribe or follow us so you can see if any are places you want to travel.

  5. What are you guy going to do it 2019?? This was an amazing year and your travels are super interesting. Have not been to many of your destinations but this has made me organise my 2019 a bit better so we also can fit in a great itinerary. Well done this is amazing.

    • Curacao – here now. Across the northern USA from east coast to west. Longer stops in Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Oregon, Washington State, Victoria, Vancouver, and in-depth travel in British Columbia and Yukon in Canada, Most of the state of Alaska, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Billings MT, Charlottesville VA, and likely a few other stops.

  6. Looks like you had an incredible year of travels! The cave in Texas, the balloon ride and those lake views all look stunning! Wishing you guys another great year ahead!


    • Per, Sort of. 2019 is planned for 100 places to visit. We are now at the first one. Stay tuned for some of the fantastic places we have planned! The only way to see them all is subscribing and following on Facebook.

    • Thanks Janine, We have a great one planned. Just arrived at our 1st destination for 2019, and have 99 more planned. Subscribe and follow us to get a glimpse of more great destinations.

  7. We are big fans of what you’re doing with your blog and with your retired life. It’s so inspirational! The image reel is fantastic – we hope we will be like you when we retire. Keep up the amazing work πŸ™‚

  8. So many stunning destinations! Did you visit all these places in 2018? They all look gorgeous. Lovely photographs. Keep travelling and have fun

    • Yes we visited these and more for a total of 53 places in 2018. 2019 is shaping up to be 100 places. Yes, the world has so much beauty. I would love to see it all, but I don’t have enough years left in my life to see everything I want to see.

  9. Amazing to travel this much in one year! Definitely my goal! Do you just earn and save a lot or do you use free/ very cheap accommodations and flights and everything? My problem is the money πŸ™

    • We have done this amount of travel for the past 4 years. 2019 will be even more. Watch me on web TV next week, I talk a bit about how – The way we do it – at 11 AM EST. If you can’t watch that, come back to the website in 2 weeks and I will put up a link to access it after it airs.

      In a nutshell, our accommodations must meet my clean and comfortable standards. I will pay more for a kitchen. Not only does eating in 4-5 nights a week save money, but more importantly it saves calories. We also rarely order drinks out. When traveling this long, eating out can be very costly.

      Also, we set this goal 23 years ago to travel lots starting with an early retirement. We took good jobs; I went back to school for an advance degree that enabled me to up my income, and we agreed to save as much as possible for the life we are now living.

      We do get comps sometimes in exchange for writing articles and promoting our positive experiences.

      Watch the show to learn more!

    • We always traveled. When my husband progressed to 6 weeks off per year, we traveled 4 of them. My father always said that from the time I was 1 year old, I was ‘have suitcase will travel.’ He used to take me to family members in different states to visit and leave me with them for 4-7 days. And because I asked to go.

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